My Journey into Becomming Wiccan

So week 1 down in my new job!  I am beginning to wonder how I did this before I got laid off, where did I find the time to clean the house, do the laundry, make dinner, go shopping for food…Plus I am used to being up lateand sleeping late, now I have a schedule, I have to get to work by 8, so bed by 10:30.  But 2 days this week I did not get home until after 7 so…. Yikes!  I know I did all this before, but for the life of me a can’t remember how!


So…I got a call this afternoon from a company that I have been interviewing with – 1 phone screen, 3 in person interviews  – I GOT THE JOB!  YIPPIEE!!!!  I knew there had to be a job out there for a 40 somthing marketing manager!  Even with the cast on my knee they hired me!

So after I said “yes, please” I said a quick thank you to the Goddess.  ThenI went outside and buried a dime under one of the oaks, as a token of appreciation.  I read where you need to do that after your spell has come to a successful outcome.  My first day will be July 26th – Need to do the drug test and the background screen first, but yay! 

It has been a year & a half of being unemployed – the time did give me an opportunity to begin my Wiccan Path, I am continuing it, but will not be able to do it full time any more.  So reading on  my lunch I guess, but again yay!  My husbands’ comment was – “well no more vampire lifestyle, your going to need to get to bed before 2am”  He is happy for me, but has gotten used to me being home.  Used to being able to go away at the drop of the hat, having a nice dinner every night, and having a clean house, but YAY!

So definately the conjure bag worked – I did “feed” it every week like I was supposed to.  It did take a while to work, but since I did the spell I went on 2-3 interviews a week, before that I was lucky for 1 a month!  So it just took a while for me to find the right company and the right company to find me, but YAY!

If you are looking for a job I would whole heartedly recomend the spell (see my blog “Employment spell – in process).  It did take some time to work fully, but I did start to get interviews with days of doing the spell!

{June 27, 2010}   Another Injury!

Just spent the last 2 days in the hospital! I went rock climbing at a park a few hours from home, a piece of the rock I was standilig on gave way and I fell. I was on a line, so I didn’t fall that far, but enough that I dangled and smashed my knee VERY hard onto the rock. So hard in fact – it fractured my kneecap!!! So was I ambulenced out of there and to the hospital. Being that I was almost 4 hours from home, I really did not want to be in the hospital there. It was really not an emergency or something they could not do down there, so insurance would not pay to be airlifted back home. Sooooo I endured a four hour drive in a cramped pick-up and to a hospital that is local to my house. Thank the Goddess for Vicoden!

I ended up having surgery to fix bone fragmets that were floating around in the knee and to set the knee so it would stay in place and not float about. Now I’m going to have a couple really ugly scars on either side of my knee.

{June 22, 2010}   Litha & the Rain

So I had it all planned out – my husband was home last night and we were going to have a bale fire in the backyard, I was going to do a short ritual, and then we were going to have smores.  Unfortunately the weather did not corporate – it was nice all day, then as soon as the sun started to set, the clouds rolled in.  We were lucky we did not loose power like a lot up people, but we did have very strong winds, hail, and lots of rain, there was actually a tornado about 50 miles north!  So the bale fire was cancelled! 

I did my celebration this mid-morning.  I did it in the screen porch, as it was really too wet still in the yard, plus my neighbors were cutting their lawn.  I did pretty much the same rite as last year, except my sun candle was much smaller!  Also I used the fireplace starter log to start a fire in my caldron that worked well – actually a little too well.  It was close to my Sun candle and it started to melt it!  I think I may have gone overboard on the fire – but…The oak crown burned, as did my little pack of herbs, so I was happy about that.  I used as a candle holder one of the items I got from eBay – it is a “sun” holder on one side and “moon” on the other, so it should work out pretty well in the future as well.  I did not do any employment spell this time, I did a reinforcement of the previous spell a little while back.  Still no job, but still doing 2 interviews a weeks – hoping that something sticks one of these times!

Wow I did not realize that eBay would be such a great source for witchy stuff!  Recently I was looking there and found a whole bunch of stuff that was cheap. First I got a little black bag that had like 6 different herbs & not the stuff I already have in my spice rack, some candles, and a few crystals, plus some other misc. stuff for $2.99, then I got a pendent for $2, and a cute Hecate ritual set for less then $10 – that included incense, powder, herbs, candles, a black altar cloth, a printed ritual, and even the recipes for the oil & incense, because I order all the stuff from the same guy, I got a huge discount on the shipping too.  The guy also seems to have a mini altar set that is sort of similar to the one that I made last year, so I guess that my idea was not that unique!  I also got from a different seller, a “lot” of wiccan stuff that had all sorts of candles, crystals, herbs, and a mortar & pestle (I needed one) that was not as cheap – $35, but still less than I could get at the local store I have been going to.  My only problem is that I hate to wait for the stuff – I got it pretty quick in the mail, but still it was like 3 days.  When I go to the store I get it right away, I guess I have to put up with not having the immediate gratification if I want to save money!

{May 31, 2010}   Keeping Witchcraft Today

Almost forgot – I decided to keep the book.  I am being VERY careful reading it, trying not to do any damage to it. But I am reading it.  It is interesting to see how Wicca has evolved since the book was published.  I think that actually witchcraft was still illegal in England when Gradner wrote the book, I believe that the law was repealed in 1955.  I will write more about the book, when I have finished it.  It’s been a busy week here- getting ready for the preformance and working in the garden.  We have a block-party here every Memorial Day, so I wanted to make sure that my garden was in shape for all the wandering people.  This year I did a “Fairy Garden”  I planted some Lavender, Thyme & Rosemary along with some little house things I found at Home Depot – A little place for the fae to live!  I really wanted to get some May Apples under the oaks (I always think that they look like fairys should live under them), but my attempt at gather seeds failed.  So maybe next year?

{May 31, 2010}   School’s Out

Today was the final preformance for the year of my ballet class – yea!  We had preformances yesterday & today, I had my Partnering class do a few pas de deux from Swan Lake (my personal favorite dance) and my Pointe class did a short bit from Cinderella.  In both cases they were pretty flawless – I was very proud of them.  After the preformance we all went out to a local resturant and celebrated.  So I have the summer off – yippie!  My left ankle has been hurting me for a while, and I have an appointment with the doctor next week.  I am hoping to avoid surgery – I do not want another summer of not being able to walk!  Plus I really want to get a job!!!!

During my full moon rite the other day, I did a bit of a re-enforcement of my previous conjure bag.  Basically I re-dedicated the bag for it’s job – TO GET ME A JOB!  There has to be someplace out there that needs a 40+ year old female marketing manager.  It has been like 18 months since I got laid off – enough is enough already.

{May 28, 2010}   My New Caldron is Perfect!

Just finished my full moon rite.  I decided to try out my new caldron tonight- see I am learning- rather the waiting until Litha.  I put some of the cut up pieces of fireplace starter logs into the caldron, lit it, and TADA – FIRE!  Because the pieces were uneven, they burned perfectly for my use.  The fire lasted the entire rite (About 1/2 hour) and because it has a lid, I could put it out after the ritual.  I wish I had taken my camera with me – it was fantastic.  I am really excited, I think that it is going to be perfect for Litha and any other time I need fire.  I got the caldron from eBay; it is brass and set with fake jewels.  I was concerned that it might get too hot and the jewels might scorch, but they did not.  The only problem was that the whole thing got pretty hot and I tried to move it to a better spot, it tipped over and the flakes of the fire starter stuff spilled on the table.  The fire was out, but some of the pieces were still glowing.  Luckily I was outside and I could just stomp them out.  So remember for next time – Put it on a candle holder plate.  Also remember to bring a camera, the pics would have been great!

{May 27, 2010}   Witchcraft Today

I went to a used book sale over the weekend.  I picked up a couple of paperbacks – novel types, my husband got a couple of coffee table type books on aviation.  Then I got the find!  A 1954 hardcover printed in England version of Gerald Gardners’ “Witchcraft Today”.  The book is in really good shape – so much so that I didn’t even realize that it was from 1954 until I got home and looked at the publishing information.  I paid $0.50 for it!  The spine is not even cracked – it really looks like someone bought it and placed in on a shelf and forgot it, the dust cover is missing but that is about it.  This afternoon I decided to look on eBay for it, there is 1 copy that is selling for $245! I think my fifty cent investment was pretty good.  I want to read it, but I don’t want to crack the spine on it.  So I am in a quandary; should I try to sell it for $200 and get myself a cheap copy on Amazon or should I just look at it as a gift from the Goddess that I was meant to have and just read it?

{May 24, 2010}   Pet Blessing

I used this recently with my out-door kitty.  After the scare I had a little while back with her getting stung on the lip, I though she might need a little extra blessings.

Light a white candle and then, holding your pet (or its picture), kneel before the altar and recite the following prayer:

O Great Horned God, father of the woodlands, and loving lord of all creatures that walk crawl, swim and fly.
A threefold blessing I humbly ask of thee on this special day:
May (pet’s name) life be a long, happy and healthy one.
May (s)he always receive your divine protection.
And when our incarnations in this world cease to be, may we forever be reunited in the great Wiccan otherworld known as the Summerland.
Blessed be!

Chant name of pet and Blessed Be three times

et cetera